About us

Siapmart is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that was established in 2020. Within a short period, the platform has extended its reach across India targeting a diverse populace. It is a one-stop store that bridges the gap between various vendors and their focused customers with a huge product portfolio from different industries. Siapmart group's core focal point is to facilitate effortless selling and buying processes that can transform the whole industry with an enhanced end-customer experience. It constantly thrives on its sound vision to become a leading hub of the e-commerce marketplace and is making every ounce of effort to bring innovative solutions to its vendors as well as the targeted customers.

For the vendors who wish to carve their marketplace, we have ensured a high- level of ease and efficacy on our platform. At the same time, for the customers who seek reliable products and service providers, we have formulated a portal that allows effective user- interaction along with allowing a better purchasing experience. Vendors can ensure gains with our pro features that are accompanied by extraordinary controls, assisting them to create their niche. Limitless product diversification, customized shipping functions, feedback column by customers, efficient product and order status management, gift card management and a lot more is included in the list of Pro features for our B2B clients.

Here, owing to our customer-oriented zeal, we have spoilt our online customers for a variety of choices— be it fashion, fitness, sports, groceries, personal care, etc., speaking variety and quality. Moreover, depending upon regular customer feedback, we are in continuation to ameliorate our business processes.