Siapmart is an emerging e-commerce platform that helps vendors as well as customers to reach each other effortlessly.

The platform has a wide range of products offering from fashion to sports wears, groceries to personal care, and much more.

We are fixated on delivering relevant solutions to sellers as well as customers. Those who wish to sell using our platform along with those who wish to buy from us are the ones we cater services to.

A seller could reach out to its targeted marketplace by registering with us. We ensure our partners with swift growth and exemplary profits. Here, you can sell products to millions of customers across the country.

We have a distinctive as well as diverse set of categories targeting a different types of consumers. Siapmart has easy returns, competitive prices, a secure payment mode, authentic brands, and a lot more that make it a preferred choice for online buying.

It is pretty simple. Just make an account using your mobile or email id on our user dashboard. Then after following the steps mentioned over the screens just start shopping with us.

It is a simple process. Start by registering at our online platform. Then provide us with your bank details and GSTIN on our seller hub. We charge no fee for registration.

No, Siapmart is the one who will manage the shipping process for you. It is your job to pack it when the dispatch date comes.

Using our sellers’ dashboard, you can easily manage and conduct your selling functions. From order to delivery, each step will be notified to you.

Using our sellers’ dashboard, you can easily manage and conduct your selling functions. From order to delivery, each step will be notified to you.

Yes, we have high-end brands that offer quality pieces of clothing at discounted prices.

At present, this facility is unavailable but in the upcoming years, we will come up with a solution for it.

Siapmart has joined hands with some best gym instrument sellers who provide authentic items to the customers.

Yes, we deliver products to your doorsteps. We offer safe, secure, and reliable delivery services to our end customers.

For some specific pin codes, we do charge shipping charges. But in the case of coupons or discount offers, we can exempt these charges accordingly.

In case you have placed an order by mistake just reach our customer helpline that will provide you with 24×7 customer support.

Siapmart has a firm returning policy where any bought item can only opt for return till its mentioned time. Many of the items like personal care products are not included in our return policy.

Listing of the products means you will have to define all the relevant information about that particular product while offering us an outstanding picture of it.

It is totally your call. You could even start from a single listing of the product.

You may find an option below your invoice for the order to cancel before shipping has proceeded. Just tap that option to cancel it.

In case you received any defective order, just reach out to our customer support helpline and make a complaint in this regard. Our team will look into the matter and then, your whole amount will be returned to you after the procedure is done.

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